Thursday, 16 October 2014

Three Tips for Saving on the Cost of Food at the Grocery Store

When shopping at a local grocery food for store, you may be surprised at how much you spend. Do this a few times per month and your food bill may begin to kill your budget.

Rather than let this continue well into the future, you should consider some of the many ideas for saving money at the grocery store.

Three Cost Saving Tips

The way you save money at the grocery store is up to you, however, you definitely want to consider these three ideas along the way:
  • Use coupons as often as possible
  • Opt for generic brands, as the ingredients are often the same but the price is much lower
  • Purchase in bulk 

For many years, consumers have been using coupons as a means of saving money on groceries. You should be able to do the same, especially considering the fact that you can now print these from the internet.

Did you know that generic foods often times have the same ingredients as name brands but are priced much lower? This is something you should be excited about, because it allows you to save money without having to give up anything in terms of quality and taste.

Finally, buying in bulk is something many are still overlooking. You are going to spend more money upfront, but the food you purchase is going to last much longer. Subsequently, you are not going to spend nearly as much money.

With these three tips guiding you, saving on the cost of food at the grocery store is not something you will have to struggle with any longer. Instead, every trip to the market will result in you getting exactly what you want at a price you can afford. How does that sound to you? Are you ready to save?

Friday, 27 September 2013

Live Within Your Means and Live Well

Living cheaply has acquired new meaning in the context of recession and inflation. Prices are soaring and living with the minimum expenses is only possible if you take certain precautions. Here are some tips to live cheaply.

Analyze Expenses

You can also analyze your expenses and formulate your own budget. Stick to your budget and make sure that you do not make unnecessary expenditure. Analyzing expenses helps you to understand how you spend your money. Knowing your expenditures empowers you.

Cut Back on Entertainment

Learn how to play an instrument or spend an evening conversing with friends. Make sure that you do not go in for fancy entertainment systems. Entertainment forms a large chunk of expenses. There is no need for a fancy home theatre system. Instead, you can rent and watch movies using a simple DVD player. Simplify your expenses - do not waste money excessively on fancy gizmos or eating out at fancy restaurants. 

Do Without a Car

There can be innumerable alternatives to driving a car to work. You can take a bus, car pool or use a share a car service. These can help you to be able to cut down on expenses such as gasoline and maintenance of your car.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Rather than getting vegetables from the supermarket, make sure that you grow your own food. Getting your own fresh fruits and vegetables from your very own garden is a sure way to cut those bills. There are many ways in which you can gain self sufficiency in food production. Cultivate a few skills and become a skilled expert in growing your own food.

Thus, with certain simple steps you can move into a lifestyle that is frugal yet fulfilling. Living cheap is easy.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Saving Money - Every Penny Counts!

In saving money, you must never take anything for granted. The money that you usually spend sees a lot of change in the form of coins. Coins are indeed a burden to carry especially if you use pockets to hold the coins. In having a purse, which means you are a woman, you can store these coins in a different compartment. In men who only have wallets and pockets, storing your coins in a piggy bank is a very useful practice.

Saving Your Coins
In saving all of your spare change, you are slowly but surely saving money. You may not be aware of this but an accumulation of spare change over time will add hundreds of pounds to your savings without you being totally aware of this. It is a wonderful surprise to find that you have hundreds of pounds saved and you were not aware that it existed. 

A good number of people take their loose change for granted and worry more on paper cash. It is of course more enticing to see a wad of bills that amount to a delicious sum that you can embark on a trip or spend on a pricey gadget that you have desired for a period of time, however, keeping spare change that accumulates over time will give you a much needed boost in your savings account. 

In getting that wonderful boost in your savings account, you will be able to obtain the different things that you have wanted for so long without damaging that existing savings account. The feeling is a wonderful one as it is unexpected surprises to one day find out that you can get a new gadget with money that you did not know existed.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Setting your Goals for Saving Money

Saving money is an endeavor that brings about many wonderful benefits for people. They are able to have allocated funds that will help them in times of emergency. It also allows them the freedom to be able to plan a leisure trip to a place that they have never been. They can also do some activities that they have never done in their lives, such as scuba diving, skydiving, to mountain trekking and many, many more.

Setting a Goal

In setting a goal for yourself, you give yourself a much needed incentive to work harder as you earn more. In earning more you come closer to being able to achieve your goal, may it be a vacation or an activity that you have never done. You also feel more fulfilled as you have achieved something and you feel that all the hard work that you put in was worth it. The self-gratification is that much more meaningful.

In setting a goal and achieving it, you are also growing as an individual as you are accomplishing more and more in life. This is a good thing as you grow into a more mature person. Maturity does not come with age but rather with a mindset that understands your limitations as a person and conquers these limitations. That is what maturity is.

Setting a goal also gives you more purpose in life. It makes you a more confident person as you are able to achieve your goals. The more times you achieve your goals, the more you are able to set for yourself. In saving more money, you are able to have the necessary funds to enjoy a vacation to a place that you have always wished to visit. After all, you would not want to live your life with regret.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dealing With the Banks to Claim Back PPI

Dealing with the banks and financial companies is a challenging at the best of times - they're happy to take your money by selling products that you don't need but try getting your money back and you'll know exactly what it feels like to talk to a brick wall!

This is the situation that millions of people across the country have found themselves in over the past 2-3years as they've tried to claim back their mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) premiums. Recent figures show that the banks are rejecting PPI without properly investigating the claims and have caused a massive backlog at the Financial Ombudsman Services, who are now taking 18-24months to settle the claims rejected by the banks - maybe that was the plan all along!

Fortunately, there are numerous agencies like that can help you to claim PPI, either by providing template letters to help you do it yourself, or providing a reclaiming service. The degree of difficulty while dealing with PPI claims depends on the ways and means you use to solve the problem. When you can manage time from your hectic schedule and you are conversant with the financial sector you can definitely claim for compensation all by yourself.

Taking the advice of legal professionals is recommended too. If you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to give time for claiming PPI compensation you can always seek the help of a professional PPI claims company.

According to law when you have the evidence of PPI mis-selling you can get back the complete compensation. If you are dealing with your PPI claims all by yourself, you have to be very clear about putting the correct details and calculate the amount. In case you are seeking the help of professional organizations you don’t have to think about all these.

While claiming for the PPI policy compensation you need to have the original credit agreement copy and before you claim for the compensation make sure you are eligible for claiming. If your case is genuine you have the right to claim for it from the bank or other financial company and there is nothing that can stop you from getting back your premium.

Have you been the victim of any of the following circumstances?

  • You were sold PPI policy along with credit cards, loans or mortgages without your knowledge.
  • You were not informed about the exact cost of the PPI policy.
  • You had crossed the upper age limit when you were sold the PPI policy.
  • You were told by the bank or financial company that PPI policy is mandatory.
  • You were forced to take up the PPI policy.
  • Medically you were not eligible for PPI policy.
  • You were sold PPI policy which was actually of no use to you.

In case you have been fooled or duped with any of the following situations, it is evident that you are the victim of mis-sold PPI policy. You have been fooled by the salesperson of the banks or financial companies. Don’t you want to take an action against them?

You shouldn’t let this go in vain. You have been trapped by some selfish people who are least worried about your well being. It is time when you should raise your voice and fight for your rights. Even legally it is a law that if there is any evidence of mis-selling PPI policy proved against the bank or financial company, the victim gets backs the complete premium amount with interest. 

Sounds great, huh? You are legally entitled to claim for PPI compensation from the financial companies and banks that have been involved in mis-selling PPI policies. Complain to the bank about the mis-selling PPI policy. Usually the banks will try to avoid such situations and delay the compensation.

In such a circumstance, contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and get your compensation. The FOS will investigate the case and find out your evidences of mis-selling PPI policy. When your case is proved to be genuine nothing can stop the banks from giving back your premium.